New website for kids who love animals – SAFE Animal Squad

Have you ever spent time with an animal and noticed their mood? What do you think animals might be feeling? Think about your own emotions. Did you wake up in a good or a bad mood? How easy it is for your mood to change? One of the most important emotions we feel is love. Everyone wants to be loved and cared for and to love in return. And this includes animals.


The first step to really caring about animals is to see the world through their eyes. If you love animals you’re going to love our new website for kids who know animals matter – SAFE Animal Squad.


Discover interesting facts about animals, how to take care of them and how to speak out for them. You will start to think about animals differently. SAFE Animal Squad helps you understand and empathise with animals (this means to put yourself in their shoes). Take, for example, animal emotions – what makes animals happy, sad or grumpy? We’ve all heard dogs howl, cats hiss and birds sing: animals are great at expressing their feelings.


Those of us who share our lives with animals understand that love is not an emotion that only humans experience. Animals love, they form friendships and they need to be loved.


So, if animals make you smile – come and be part of the fun.


Join SAFE Animal Squad and show you care about animals today.

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